Indoor Air Purifying Plants Must for a Home or Office

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Pollution on roads has now become the most talked subject. While big cities are the best-loved prey of pollution, it has also spread its mantle on the small cities and villages. But are we aware that we are inhaling the same pollution in our homes and offices? It’s not limited to road and commercial areas anymore. Resultantly, the illnesses have started invading mankind at an alarming rate.



We can shield ourselves from the unfurling air pollution by placing a few pots of air-cleansing plants in our homes and offices. As per the research conducted by NASA in late 1990’s the house plants are said to disinfect the hazardous toxins in the air. Moreover, the air cleansing plants are also known to levitate mood and boost concentration. The plants boost memory and also act as stress buster. So, this is the right time to spruce your health by going green. Let’s dig into the top 5 indoor life reforming plants that are a must for your abode and workplace:


Peace Lily

This carefree plant barely requires light but it embosoms considerable air-purifying qualities. It is said to refine the air quality by 60%. The best time for the flowers to blossom is summers, thereby aromatizing the surroundings. The ideal way to grow peace lily would be to place it in a shady area and it would be advisable not to overwater the plant. The rolling flower pot would be a perfect choice to grow this plant indoor since it would blend with your interior.


Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum)

These swiftly growing plants are also best known as the magnificent oxygen plants. Occasionally the spider plants spring fascinating white flowers. The plant is capable of improving the air quality by 90%. The plant is safe for children and pets because of its non-toxic qualities. The plant would need to be watered for not more than twice or thrice in a week.


English ivy (Hedera helix)

English ivy is the most usually grown plant in the home. These are splendid evergreen climbing vines and are suitable for indoor conditions. This plant enhances the focus and disinfects harmful chemicals in the air. The plant also features in the list of top 10 NASA approved indoor plants. However, due to its toxic nature, it is suggested to grow this plant in a hanging basket, so it remains out of the reach.


Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Snake plant is also known as the laborious houseplant to execute. This tough species requires to be watered intermittently. Also known as the ‘bedroom plant’, it is best to place it in the bedroom to refine the air quality since it transforms carbon-dioxide into oxygen in the night time. With tongue like leaves, this plant expels more than 100 kind of fatal pollutants from the air.


Bamboo palms (Chamaedorea seifrizii)

This plant prefers to stay away from direct sunlight and relishes being watered regularly. Also known as cane bamboo, this plant compliments your house or office interiors. You will often find this plant in malls, offices, showrooms and hotels. It has the ability to survive in cold and hot temperatures while still cleansing the air.

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