Magical Outdoor Christmas Decoration

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Magical Outdoor Christmas Decoration

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Christmas decoration

Is there anything better than Christmas? Seriously, I cannot think of a more happy and enticing holiday than this one. The songs, the presents, the food – it is all so wonderful! And the whole experience leaves a person joyous and grateful and filled with that good old fashioned Christmas cheer. But you must ask yourself then; “What can I do to make this holiday even more magical”? There are many different things you can do, like going to a Christmas event with your family; shop around the mall for gifts or just sit back and enjoy an all-time favourite holiday film. But there is something that really shows your commitment, and unwavering love for this wonderful holiday – namely decoration your front yard in the spirit of the Holidays.

Don’t worry, it is not as much work as you might imagine. Actually, if you play you card right, you can be done in no more than day. In this article, we are going to talk about some interesting ways to decorate your front yard and meet Santa in style.

Christmas decoration

Recreate The Nativity Scene

Let us not forget, that before Christmas became emblematic for making people spend money; it was considered to be the birth of Jesus Christ. Although there is no mention in the bible that young Jesus was born on the 25th, people all over the world agree that Christmas is a perfect time as any. And because we are celebrating the birth of our lord and saviour, it is only appropriate that we get involved with the details surrounding his magic birth. Of course, recreating the nativity scene is going to cost you a lot of money – but exactly how much will depend on how big you wish for your manger to be. You can do a little nativity scene, and have a manger the size of a doghouse, or you can go all our and big an actual size manger, featuring real life wax models of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Of course you can build everything yourself, but you must start at least one month in advance, in order to get everything ready in time. And if you are not very religious, or hail from a different religious, you can still do the nativity scene as a sign that at least you love the holidays enough to bother doing something as intricate as this.

The North Pole

Make your front lawn look like Santa’s Workshop. You can have your trees painted red and white, and the shrubs sprinkled with glitter. If you have a great -]fur tree in your front lawn, you can spend some money and have it lit up like it was in front of some mall. Add the standard Christmas decorations, and what you have there is a Christmas tree that the whole neighbourhood can enjoy. Station a couple of snowmen to guard your driveway. A Santa replica is always a nice touch, but finding a one that looks ‘just right’, might take a while. You can even have him riding in his slay with all the reindeer. Just make sure that you measure your yard correctly, so you don’t run out of space half-way there. And if you really, and I mean really love Christmas, why not hire a professional ice sculptor to carve you something special in the ice?

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