Money Saving Gardening Tips You Can Follow in 2018

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Money Saving Gardening Tips You Can Follow in 2018

Every New Year brings that urge in us to have new things or things in a new way around us! We buy new clothes in the crazy sales, get a new haircut and also try to give a new look to our old existing garden. This makeover plan sounds really good in our head but when it starts coming on paper, the hole in our pocket that it will make start getting bigger and bigger. But you know, as they say, one doesn’t need to break the bank to satisfy the green fingers. So, you do not really have to redesign your garden every year to give it an up to dated look. The little things done can be just as impactful and comes as a great relief to those gardening on a budget. The key is to make the most out of what is there, add the needed touches and invest a lot of time and care into the gardening space.



  1. One time investment in good quality gardening equipment:

Getting good equipment is the strength of any gardener. When you go for money and compromise on the quality, you have just saved money for a short-term rather you would certainly be needed to spend in the same things again and again. Stock up on the basics, including good gardening equipment. Do onetime investments in good quality products so that you never go for panic buys. When you will have old things as good as new, even New Year would not be able to persuade you into buying new things. The only thing that you need to do is care for your tools.


One time investment in good quality gardening equipment


2. Water Conservation and reuse:

Spending the money on fancy water systems is a waste. Collecting rainwater and then reusing is a great way to stop spending that extra money on the water bills. Household greywater can be reused for the garden. Another trick is to make a DIY water system using the old hose pipes present in the home. Just need to connect the old pipe to the tap and punch small holes in the pipe to put it through the plant beds. You can also avoid buying fancy watering cans by using old plastic bottles as one.


money saving gardening tips


3. Surround your garden with beautiful blooms:

Do not be a neatness freak in your garden. Nature in its full bloom looks the best. Spending money on expensive garden decor items is a full waste. You can grow plants like sunflowers and dwarf nasturtiums which come really cheap and add a refreshing look to the garden layout. Having beautiful flowers surrounding your garden would not create any other need to have any other thing. The wonderful smell and pretty colors surrounding your garden would make your time spent more enjoyable every time you step into your garden.


4. Use the little spaces around:

You do not always need an allotment of a huge garden to grow something of your own. Huge space also comes with the need of spending a lot of money in maintaining it. Rather you can grow all sorts of veggies, herbs, salad leaves, and fruits in tubs and small containers sitting in any corner of your house. Growing your own food has its own magic as well as is good for the health as well.

2018 is going to an amazing year with so many trends coming in for a better gardening. Keep exploring and keep gardening!!

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