Mulches – How to choose the best one for your garden.

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Mulches – How to choose the best one for your garden.

Whether you have a small garden or acres, do not be hesitant trying on various elements to bring out the beauty of  it. Garden Decorative Chips are one of many which magnify the beauty of your garden giving you some additional benefits as well. So first of all, what are Decorative chips? Decorative chips or mulches are the materials from decaying leaves, bark or compost which are spread around or over plants to enrich the soil. Notwithstanding of where you live and whether your plants are  growing in pots or beds, mulch is a major ingredient for a successful organic garden. Using them in the garden doesn’t only make the garden bed look pretty but an important part of its use is its ability to control weeds, retain soil moisture and keep the soil cool. Mulches purpose is pretty basic: It acts as a barrier, keeping the sunlight and some air away from the soil surface. The best mulch would be something which would satisfy your needs both functionally and aesthetically. There are several Organic mulches like Bark, Shredded or chipped, Compost, grass clippings, newspapers etc which is chosen by the gardeners basing upon their requirement as good gardeners know that a generous layer of mulch will help garden plants in many ways. These mulches will decompose and needs to be replaced but they improve the soil fertility and organic content. The other benefits of the use of mulches include prevention from vitamin loss in plants, reduction in time spent watering the plants (retains moisture in soil), improvement in the soil drainage and structure and the visual appearance of your garden. They also moderate the soil temperature fluctuations. The use of mulches depends upon your climate or part of the country you are in and the part of your backyard you are using it in. Wood chips are a by product of timber industry and a perfect choice for shrub beds, natural areas and around trees in varied climatic conditions.

Mulches - How to choose the best one for your garden1

Deko Chips are the organic and stylish garden decorative chips for plants which are 100% non-toxic to plants and soil. These are purely natural and durable material which help you in creating an appealing and visually pleasing flower beds, garden areas and can also be used for floor decorations. They make the pot bed look more attractive and colourful. Other than adding the beauty to your place, these chips also avoid evaporation of water and help in retaining moisture for a longer period of time along with suppressing weed and not letting the plants get infected with it. These chips absorb water and keeps the plant bed moist thereby reducing the water requirement. They eventually mix with soil and gets decomposed thereby acting as perfect natural manure. Deko chips are available in various colours like Blue, Red, and Gold which are perfect for adding to the beauty of your landscape by providing a cover of uniform colour and interesting texture to the surface hence giving your garden an amazing view for others to see and fell in love with the beauty of it.

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