Non-toxic ways to get rid of pesky pests

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get rid of pesky pests

What good is it to create even the most dreamlike garden if it is going to be overrun by various pests in a matter of days? Apart from investing time in creating this oasis in your own backyard, once you are finished, your work will just begin. Now, when it comes to protecting your garden this alone is not an easy task. There is one thing in particular that you need to look out for and this is your method of fighting these pests. Namely, in your efforts to protect your garden, by using various chemical compounds, you can make more long term damage than any pest ever could. With this in mind here are some non-toxic ways of get rid of pesky pests as well as ways of preventing pests from ever invading in the first place.

Better be safe than sorry

Now, if there is one thing that must be said about pests it is that they are extremely resilient. Once they establish themselves in your garden, it will be near to impossible to push them out. Because of this, it might be a good idea to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place. First thing you need to know is that weeds and debris of various kinds serve as a perfect breeding ground for pests. In other words, a clean garden is usually a pest free garden. Sure, there is no guarantee here but keeping your lawn mow and your backyard clean at all times will significantly increase your odds of remaining pest free.

Crop rotation

Another thing that can help keep your garden insect free is a constant crop rotation. The thing about pests is that they are more or less plant specific. What better way to confuse them than to simply change what you plant in your garden every year or every few years. Still, if this seems too impractical you could always just mix up things a little bit. Try planting different things next to each other and in this way completely confuse these tiny invaders. Observe your garden like a battlefield and try to come up with a strategy that will completely discourage your enemy and in this way grant you this long wanted triumph.

image 3Hygiene is the key

Sometimes, you will notice that one plant has particular problems with pests. Now you will try your best around these plants and regardless of your effectiveness, you will have to move on sooner or later. This is a tricky part, let’s say you work on an infested part of garden and then immediately proceed to a non-infested area. There is literally no quicker way to spread this plight. However, by vigilantly cleaning your gardening gear, you can put an end to this.

Non-toxic compounds

Finally, in desperation people often look for an easy way out. This is why they go out and get the most effective, the most toxic pesticide they can find with little or no regard to what it can do to their garden. The damage this does to soil is more or less permanent. In order not to allow this to happen, what you need is a non-toxic solution to your problem. If, for example you were to experience a problem with ants, you will do well to go with eco-friendly professional pest control supplies like Talstar PL Granules Insecticide. In this way, you will solve your pest issue while at the same time keep your backyard safe for ages to come.

In the end, just keep in mind that your garden is a part of your home and poisoning it permanently in order to solve a temporary problem is never a good solution. A simple maintenance and percussion can solve most of these problems and if all else fails, you can always turn to eco-friendly ways to control your pest problems.

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