Plants for your Bedroom to Help You Sleep

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I think everybody hates those sleepless nights when you just toss and turn around with minimal sleep getting up in the morning all groggy and irritated and your entire day of work goes for a toss! These sleepless nights takes toll on not only energy but your productivity, mood and overall quality of the day. One of the “Go green” ways of getting rid of this insomnia is bringing the plants from outside your home to inside your bedroom. There would be potted plants around your house with beautiful flowers and fragrance all around but not a single one in the bedroom because of some old school worries about plants exhaling carbon dioxide in nights. Please rest assured as this article would tell you all the good things about keeping plants in your bedroom and how they would help you sleep better, suppress air germs, remove indoor pollutants and bad air and much more. On an overall basis, having plants in your bedroom reduces the stress and tension in the room and make the environment more peaceful. Below are the lists of some plants which can be really helpful in insomnia and induces peaceful sleep for you to have a fresh morning and a productive day leading to a productive life!

  1. Lavender :

They have the most beautiful sleep inducing aroma which helps in reducing heart rate, stress levels and maintaining the blood pressure. Lavender plants like sunlight, warmer environment and sparing water, so keep them at that corner of your bedroom which has the availability of the required conditions.

  1. Rosemary :

Generally used in culinary, rosemary plants have medicinal benefits of supporting concentration, reducing stress and uplifting mood. To grow amazingly, they require adequate amount (around 6 hours) of sunlight everyday with water when it’s dry.

  1. Snake Plant :

Never mind how scary the name sounds, these plants are amazing for your bedroom. They filter harmful toxins from the air, release oxygen the entire night and help you in sleeping better. Snake plants are greatly recommended for people with allergies and breathing troubles like asthma. A highly resilient plant, they do not require a lot of light and even a fertilizer to grow.  Also to add to it, they are almost impossible to kill 😀

  1. Aloe Vera :

Popularly known for its skin benefits, Aloe Vera plant can also help in getting beautiful sleep. It purifies the toxic elements in the air and makes the air clean for you to inhale and get a goodnight sleep. Another benefit is that aloe Vera juice helps in fighting diabetes. These plants need bright light, dry environment and moist soil, so keep them in your bedroom accordingly.

  1. Jasmine :

The sweet fragrance of jasmine is something one would always love to be around. Be it the jasmine oil or the natural jasmine flowers, they are great at reducing depression, anxiety and stress. Studies have shown that the fragrance impacts the part of the brain which controls emotions and hence relaxes the body. It helps in regulating the blood pressure, lifts your mood and induces a better sleep. Jasmine plants grow well at room temperatures with moist soil and 4 hours of sunlight.

Try these recommendations and let us know how it worked out for you J

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