Poisonous Flowers and Plants

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Poisonous Flowers and Plants

Undoubtedly decorating your home with flowers and plants is the easiest and fastest way to make it more comfortable and cosy. But you should be extremely careful when choosing what flowers to place in your home as some of them may extremely poisonous not only for your pets but also for your family and small kids. The following lines list some of these flowers and plants so that you can be extremely careful if you have some of them in your home.

Poisonous Flowers And Plants2

1.Dieffenbachia – all parts of the plant are poisonous. This plant may cause irritation on your skin and eyes as well as on your mouth and tongue if swallowed. In some cases it may even cause suffocation. Apart from the harmful quantities, dieffenbachia is used to clean and filter the air in people’s homes.

2.Monstera deliciosa – parts of the flower that are poisonous – all parts. This plant has the same irritating effect on people when touched or swallowed as Dieffenbachia. The plant may even cause allergic reactions to some people.

Other home flowers that have the same harmful effect on people as the two mentioned above are Philodendron, Anthurium andraeanum and Caladium hortulanum.

Poisonous Flowers And Plants

3.Hydrangea macrophylla – only the leaves and the blossoms are poisonous. When swallowed this flower may cause vomiting, stomach ache, hard breathing and even unconsciousness.

4.Datura innoxia – a very popular flower using for home decoration. But we should be extremely if we have it in our homes as all parts of the flower are poisonous. When swallowed it causes hallucinations, high body temperature, unconsciousness and if overdosed it may cause even death.

5.Amaryllis belladonna – only the flower’s bulb is poisonous. However, it is slightly poisonous that is why you should swallow a great amount of it in order to intoxicate yourself. However, the signs for intoxication are vomiting, sickness and looseness.

6.Anthurium – a flower that usually grows in Central and South America. Only the stable and the leaves are poisonous. In a contact with the skin it may cause erythema or other allergic reaction. If swallowed it causes irritation to the mouth and throat that is very likely to result in husky voice and hard breathing.

7.Chrysanthemum – only the leaves are poisonous. They are not very dangerous but might cause allergic reactions to some people.

8.Colchicum autumnale – a very popular flower used in home decoration. Its bulb has the smell of garlic. All parts of the flower are extremely poisonous especially the bulbs and the seeds. It affects the central nervous system by paralyzing nerves terminals and blocks the muscles. There is no known antidote for it. Sign of poisoning – stomach ache, looseness, irritation of the mouth, sickness, thirst, vomiting. In some cases Colchicum autumnale poison may even cause death.

9.Colchicum autumnale – one of the most beautiful flowers with a delicate scent. However, all of its parts are poisonous and cause malfunctioning in the heart beat. If swallowed it causes stomach ache, head ache, sickness, vomiting and dilation of the apple of the eye. This is also accompanied by cold and wet skin and malfunction of the heart beat. This flower is very dangerous for your pets as it is very likely to cause their death.

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