Practical Patio Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Practical Patio Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Patio Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines (1)

Is your patio mostly neglected and left to collect dust?  You can easily change that by working on refreshing and cleaning it with a few easy steps, maintaining it throughout the seasons. The methods may depend on the materials involved in the process, but you will need to follow the tips ahead if you want to have it all done in no time without too much effort involved, cleaning as you go:

  • Clear out anything that doesn’t belong there, including any furniture on that gets in the way before you focus on your cleaning efforts ahead. This will greatly help you during the process, so never miss that first important step.
  • The next step is sweeping the patio of any debris and dust with a broom or maybe using a vacuum cleaner if you feel there is any need to go with it instead.
  • You may also need to do some weeding on your patio if it has any paving slabs on it. The cracks between the slabs may have sprouted weeds if it was abandoned for far too long, so you will need to deal with it. Weed killer may be a good way of doing so without damaging the patio itself, so you would do well to look for a solution that won’t hurt the surface of the patio with such any other approach.
  • Whenever you apply cleaner, make sure you closely follow any instructions it may have as part of the formula to ensure you have nothing wrong going with it. Wear goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and skin from harsher chemicals used in such cleaning efforts. Cover all your plants with a plastic sheet so you won’t have any of the cleaning supplies on them when you’re done. Let them work for about 15 minutes and wash them away following the instructions.

Patio Cleaning and Maintenance Guidelines2 (1)

  • Once you’re finished with this, you will need to focus on scrubbing your patio until you clean it completely. There are two ways you can go about doing this, either doing it by hand or using a powerful pressure washer. Pressure washing will require less work, but using a brush and a scourer will a far cheaper alternative. The choice is all yours, but make sure you use the pressure washer carefully, or you may end up stripping peeling paint if you don’t.
  • Once you finish scrubbing, you will need to wash the patio clean. Use a hose or the pressure washer option from above and you will have done things in no time. Let it dry before you place your furniture on it, since placing it before that may end up creating wet spots, making it vulnerable to mold and mildew infestations.

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