Quick Tips That Will Change The Way Your Garden Forever

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Quick Tips That Will Change The Way Your Garden Forever



      Whether you are an occasional gardener or it’s your life’s work, you never stop learning new ways to do things. The best tips are the ones that make your life easier and your plants grow even better. Read on some life changing, but easy tweaks to make your garden bloom.




Cut wet grass

If you live in a wet climate, then having a lawn can be a right pain! You have to keep on top of mowing it and the rain, will no doubt making it grow super quick. However, when it’s raining, you shouldn’t be using your mower. This is because wet grass can damage the blades and create an awful mess!


Luckily there is something you can do about this. Firstly, if you have to use your mower when the grass is wet, make sure that the blades are nice and sharp. Also, try to keep on top of the lawn cutting, as long wet grass isn’t going to do your lawn mower any good. If you need some more help with this problem, there are a lot of clever tips on how to mow wet grass without damaging your mower, available on the internet.



The next important tip is that you have to realize that for a plant to live, it takes a certain amount of food or nutrients from the soil that it is placed in. That is why plants often do better in compost because it is high in nutrients.




The problem with this is, certain plants use up a great deal of the nutrients available in the soil. That means that the soils capacity to feed other things you choose to plant decreases. This often results in not such a good growth for subsequent plantings.  


You need to bear this in mind if you are removing old plants and putting new ones in. There are a few ways you can deal with this. Firstly, mulch down any plant waste from your garden and kitchen in your compost bin. Some people choose to have worms in their bin, which break down the plant material as they eat them. Then you need to dig this high nutrient compost into the soil that is there, replenishing its supply of food.


Another resolution is to grow plants in rotation. Grow vegetables which need a high amount of certain nutrients. Then once they have been harvested, you can choose to grow another type of plant, which doesn’t rely on those same nutrients.


Veg in Tubs

Another crazy, easy tip for easy gardening is to grow your vegetables in tubs. This mean that they will be higher up, so it’s much easier to maintain and harvest them, without having to bend over all the time.

Veg in Tubs


There is plenty of room for root vegetable to grow in a barrel like pot on the patio. You also have the advantage of being able to move them into and out of the sun whenever you like. Ensuring the grown big and health and you get a delicious harvest.


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