Retaining Walls to Make Your Garden Look Beautiful

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Retaining Walls to Make Your Garden Look Beautiful

Homes are places which need to be customised as per tastes of the dwellers. One of the areas which often need attention is landscaping, to make your garden look beautiful. Most home owners like to invest in landscaping which provides functionality and value, rather than mere lifestyle and appeal. According to statistics, retaining walls can add up to 28% to the resale value of a house.

The basic purpose of building retaining walls is to hold back soil due to sudden changes in elevation. To make the gardens look beautiful, there are different retaining walls blocks that can be chosen from the market. For best result, talk to a designer who can help choose the best block for your garden. While pave stone may look good around a particular green space, concrete could be best suited to another. On the internet, you will find several references on wall designs to make your garden look beautiful. Some of the styles available on these websites may also be remodelled to suit your landscape.


Materials for retaining walls

  1. Gabion walls- You may have never heard this particular design for retaining walls. It may sound alien but is actually just combining rocks with wire. Different websites have several designs that can be created using this material. Choose one that suits your garden best. It is also less expensive as compared to most others.
  2. Wood– Wooden boxes, wooden planters and beds can be very useful in taking the stress out from gardening. Most houses have loads of wood in stock for various carpentry jobs, and these can be put to good use in retaining walls. Some companies on the internet create special wooden boxes to be used for decorating the garden.
  3. Rocks- Both manmade and natural rocks can be used to give a rustic look to your garden. Even granite is suitable, based on the nature and expanse of this landscape. Stones will make the surroundings blend naturally and make your garden look beautiful.
  4. Concrete– Concrete can be the ideal choice for a retaining wall in case a steep slope needs to be levelled. No mortar is needed for building enclosures. Other than that, they can be assembled fairly easily. They are appropriate for low wall and terraced gardens.

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 Some other ideas

  1. Including a water fountain into the retaining walls.
  2. Creation of built-in bench seating.
  3. Making several stairs, in case the area above the wall also needs to be accessed.
  4. Usage of wall caps for imparting a finished look.

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