Short On Time? 5 Amazing Tricks To Create A Low Maintenance Garden

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Gardening Maintenance

  Let’s set the scene. You work long hours each day and have limited free time on the weekend. Perhaps you’ve also got young children to look after when you’re not at work. As you can appreciate, time is a precious commodity that you wish you had more of.


The sad truth about having so little free time is that things start to fall by the wayside. One such example is your once beautiful garden. All that remains in its place is a plethora of weeds and knee-high grass blades!


When gardens start to get out of control, they can take a long time to sort out. In those circumstances, you usually have two options. The first is to take some time off work to tend to it. And the second, of course, is to pay a gardener to do the work for you.


Let’s face it. Both of those options aren’t appealing to you. The first means you have to “waste” your holiday days doing something that isn’t fun. And the second means you end up with less money in your pocket each month.


But, what if there was a way around this problem? You might think that finding a solution can be somewhat challenging. The good news is the solution is easier than you think! In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you five amazing tricks to create a low maintenance garden. Here is what you need to know:


1. Keep the grass to a minimum

The first thing to do is ensure you have less to maintain in your garden! One way to do that is to reduce the amount of grass you’ve got. For instance, you could remove grass by your patio and concrete over it.


Another option is to install some attractive decking. You can get composite versions of the traditional deck boards. They are cheaper and last much longer. They are widely available from composite decking wholesalers New Tech Wood and other firms.



















2. Put your plants into ceramic pots

You might think that flower beds are an attractive way of growing plants. But, you should consider growing things in ceramic pots instead. First of all, they are portable and so you can move them anywhere. Second, they are ideal for small gardens. And, third, you can take them with you if you move out!


3. Store rainwater in a water butt

Whenever it rains, the water from your roof will go down a drain pipe and into the sewer network. It makes sense to divert that water and store it in a water butt. You can then connect it to an automatic sprinkler system for your garden. Now you have a low-cost way of automating the watering of your plants!


4. Consider installing some cat deterrents

One of the bugbears of any keen gardener is cleaning up the ‘mess’ left by cats. Your time is precious, and you don’t want to waste it by clearing up cat faeces. There are gadgets on the market you can buy that deter cats from entering your garden.


5. Install a trellis for climbing plants

If you haven’t already, install a trellis if you have climbing plants. You can simply let the plants grow at their own pace and where they like. All you need to worry about is watering them. Even then you can automate the process as per tip #3!


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