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Moving your Plants and Gardening Tools

Moving Your Plants and Gardening Tools

This article is contributed by our guest author Angela HArpert of Handymoves.co.uk   Moving day is here and you are ready to hit the road and head to your future home. But what about the garden you have provided with such good care? You can’t simply leave it behind just like that after all the…

Getting the Best Out of Your Garden Tools

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  If you want to make your garden be in top shape and look great, you would have to depend greatly on the right equipment, apart from giving enough effort and time and being organized. Having the right gardening tool for the right job is very essential. To start with, you need hoes, spades, rakes,…

How Sharpex Helps Premier Brands of India

How Sharpex Helps Premier Brands of India

Sharpex is perhaps the only Indian forest and garden solutions provider that boasts of the who’s who of Indian Industry as it’s clientele. Given below are more details of how Sharpex helps some of the Premier brands of India. Oberoi Hotels – In the concrete Jungle of Mumbai, having a garden is luxury. More so,…