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Boost your probiotics with fermented veggies

Boost your probiotics with fermented veggies

  Fermentation is a process of preservation of the foods under anaerobic conditions to retain all nutrients, vitamins within. Our intestinal system consists of both useful and harmful bacteria. The useful intestinal bacteria help in balancing the beneficial bacteria in the intestines which is very helpful for us. Fermentation is not a modern process; it…

The Four Main Benefits of Investing in a Garden Shed

Garden Shed

  If ever you’re into landscaping, you know that it can take more than a shovel, rake, and a few seed stock to keep a beautiful backyard. Using a complete array of garden tools and gardening supplies can make the job a lot easier for you. A nice garden shed is really a great area…

Quick Tips That Will Change The Way Your Garden Forever

Quick Tips That Will Change The Way Your Garden Forever

          Whether you are an occasional gardener or it’s your life’s work, you never stop learning new ways to do things. The best tips are the ones that make your life easier and your plants grow even better. Read on some life changing, but easy tweaks to make your garden bloom….

5 Steps to Shape Topiary for Beginners

5 Steps to Shape Topiary for Beginners

From the times of Roman Empire to the present day topiaries have been the artistic perfection of a gardener. The imposing and bold shapes the plants can be trained into are a delightful sight in any garden. The plants normally used for creating topiaries are usually evergreen with very dense growth of small leaves or…

Give Your Garden A Deisgner Look With These Inspired Tips

Give Your Garden A Deisgner Look With These Inspired Tips

  We all love to spend time outside. So there is no surprise that our gardens are one of the palaces many people choose to spend time. But less than half of those people invest real time in designing their garden. Sure you may mow the lawn and tidy up. But what about treating your…

Short On Time? 5 Amazing Tricks To Create A Low Maintenance Garden

Gardening Maintenance

  Let’s set the scene. You work long hours each day and have limited free time on the weekend. Perhaps you’ve also got young children to look after when you’re not at work. As you can appreciate, time is a precious commodity that you wish you had more of.   The sad truth about having…

Want To Grow Your Own Food And Feed Yourself All Year Round? Read This!

gardening tips

Whenever we want to eat something at home, we’ll usually cook or prepare a meal. To make those meals, we usually have to buy the ingredients from a local supermarket. These days, most of us rely on such retailers for our food. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could grow your own food instead?…

The Devil is in the Detail: Amazingly Subtle Changes That Will Transform Your Garden

Transform Your Garden

It’s important to think about how vital your garden is, and how much you can do to it. A properly maintained garden is the key to a beautiful and well-maintained home. The thing is that some garden changes can be very arduous and expensive. Sometimes, the best changes to make are those that are subtle….

Garden SOS: What Is Going Wrong In Your Garden And How To Fix It

garden bench

Now that we are heading into Summer it is natural to start thinking about our gardens. This Is the place where we may have Summer evening BBQ’s and relax after a hard day’s work. However, after Winter our gardens may need a little extra love and attention. So I thought I would look into some…

How to Create a Beautiful Sensory Garden

sensory garden

  When we think of gardens, we usually think of visual spaces. We think of colour, design, and structure. Scent may also be feature, but this is often secondary. Focusing on one or two of the senses can be limiting. Sensory gardens invoke all of the five senses and allow you to enjoy the space…

15 Ways To Prepare Your Garden For The Winter Months

creative leaves

  Hey, just because the winter months are behind us, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t already start planning for the fall of 2016! Caring for your garden in the wet, cold and snowy weather isn’t easy. If you don’t plan and prepare in advance, you’ll find that your garden suffers as a result. The change in…

8 Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Perfect for Pots

8 Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Perfect for Pots

Don’t have access to ground but want to grow a perfect vegetable garden? No worries. As long as you can have some sunshine pouring into the balcony or have access to grow lights you are good to go. Growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is the best way to ensure you are getting all…

4 Extraordinary Houseplants that You Can Grow Indoors

4 Extraordinary Houseplants that You Can Grow Indoors

There is no better way to improve the way your home looks than getting some good plants that would love to stay indoors. Even if it’s not just for the beauty, houseplants will make a wonderful addition to your home because they will help purify the air. The carbon dioxide we release and that’s in…