Terrace Gardening Part 2

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Terrace Gardening Part 2



This is second in a series of posts on terrace gardening. You can read the first part here.

Planning for Your Terrace Garden

A terrace garden needs proper planning before it can be executed. Even if you use it only for a few months of the year or a few times in a day, it would add another room to your house, a room that provides relaxation and joy. Decide clearly how big a garden you want on your terrace, what you want to plant and where and how much space with be left? Consider a few points:

  • Choose a good sunny spot because most flowers and vegetables needs at least 4 hours of sunlight in a day.
  • What are your personal needs? Do you want the terrace to be used for other purposes too, or will it house only your beautiful garden?
  • Create harmony between your lawn and terrace, by making one bigger than the other.
  • Use the available space innovatively to get the best out of your terrace garden.

Choosing Plants for the Terrace Garden

Choose plants based on

  • The space available and the expected spread of foliage
  • Soil depth
  • The root system of a plant. The plants you choose should have a shallow root system.
  • Choose plants which are not delicate and are capable of withstanding windy conditions
  • The shape and color of plants should complement the design of your terrace.
  • Before selecting a plant consider it’s growing rate and its position in the terrace when it is fully grown
  • If there is less sunlight on your terrace, get shade loving plants.
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