The 9 Essential steps for better Gardening

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The 9 Essential steps for better Gardening

Gardening is an important part of house decoration. And one should be able to enjoy the time spent in gardening and be aware of the basic gardening tips, in order to look it catchier, allowing it to enhance the overall interior and exterior look of your house.

Gardening tips not only come in handy all the time wherever you go, but can also allow you to adapt a sense of designing and flavors through hassle free gardening. Gardening has turned out to be a hobby for many and gives immense pleasure to those handling nature so happily.

Here are few useful gardening tips which can help you to mini garden beautifully and witness a happy experience with all the way more enjoyable and successful.  Be it your front porch, backyard or simply the house terrace; help yourself to make it more appealing with simple yet effective gardening tips.



#Tip No 1: Choose a plant suiting the garden location you choose

Before you start the process of gardening, decide a location and type of plant that you choose. Choosing plants which will be compatible to your places is something, which can help you achieve your dream garden. You can either match eth genre of the type of decorations in the location.

#Tip No 2: Apply generous amount of fertilizers to your plants

Fertilizers are necessary nutrients that every plant requires. It will not only ensure that the plants grow better, but also make them stronger and healthier, resulting into a better garden.  Regularly fertilizing the soil will result in increasing the quality of the soil you wish to plant in, allowing the plant to grow in full potential.

#Tip No 3: Different soil types require different water level

Soil can be of two types. Loose and compact soils. And the plant you put in will be in the relation to the amount of water you supply. Loose soils require small amount of water to be sprinkled carefully so that they don’t loosen the mud any further, while compact soil need to be watered meticulously for ensuring the water which will be absorbed and at the time of watering you may require mulching the soil for better absorption.

#Tip No 4: Stop weeds before they even start to grow

Weeds are dangerous as they not only take up the space in the garden, but also absorb the nutrients from the soil, which is why it is required for you to cultivate them before the weeds grow taller. It’s important to eliminate them in order to prevent them from competing with your plants.

#Tip No 5: Sunlight is a plant’s best friend

We are all aware of the fact that proper sunlight is highly necessary for the proper growth of the plant. If it doesn’t receive more sunlight, the garden will probably never sprout. Thus, along with proper water supply, sunlight is really important.

#Tip No 6: Make variety available

Add a variety of plant variations, for creating a successful garden. Variety of plants can keep away pests and help you improve the soil quality. If you maintain the variation of plants, you will be able to keep away the insects.

#Tip No 7: Ensure good drainage

Drainage is what an important thing. Just like the importance of proper water, proper drainage of excess water is also required for proper growth and development of the plant


#Tip No 8: Stay aware of pests

One thing you should always keep in mind. Check the growth of the plants and stay aware of the signs of pests on the plant. If you see the leaves consisting of holes, then keep the formulas in store.

#Tip No 9: Rake up dry leaves

Dried leaves can harm the plants and trees as much of accumulated dried leaves are the breeding ground for worms and insects, not allowing proper growth of healthier plants. So it’s suggested that dry leaves are harmful for the growth of new plants.

Thus, implementing these gardening tips is sure to make your gardening hobby take a successful turn.

AuthorBio:  Rick Lisby is an experienced blogger and writes on flower and gardening. He is engaged with, a leading Florist delivering fresh flower bouquets and Gifts to India and across every country across the world.

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