The buzz word “Wabi-Sabi” has been all over the internet these days! Hence, it’s time for us too to understand this concept so that we can implement it in our gardening.


Imperfect gardening or famously called “Wabi-Sabi” has evolved out of Buddhist philosophy in Japan and is basically an art of appreciating beauty in this “Imperfect world”. To put it in more simpler terms, everything need not be good looking and perfect to be loved. It involves the thought of appreciating the natural landscape changes and forms. The Wabi Sabi type of gardening allows the gardener to explore the most beautiful ways of how nature changes the manmade objects and makes it as its own. A garden which is based on Wabi Sabi incorporates both natural and manmade elements without changing anything in them and let nature grow beautifully all over them.

There are several ways to incorporate Wabi Sabi ideas in the modern gardening and each of them works out well. Incorporation of artificial objects in the garden design such as old metal ornaments adds a beautiful touch to the garden when the metal rusts and changes over time. This is also one of the beautiful ways to incorporate this new gardening technique. Another idea is to include the Stone water feature which is to keep a lot of pebbles and stone near the water area of your garden and see the moss growing around them depicting nature’s beautiful ways to do things. Another way to incorporate wabi sabi in the garden design is to plant those plants that will change over time with seasons. Adding plants that provide different natural textures in different seasons is a great way to start this. Small things like letting the dried leaves be there sitting under the tree or the little twigs all over the ground retains that natural sense. Stones covered with lichens and mosses over a period of time add to the “naturalness” of your garden and make it more “wabi-sabi” like. A remarkable benefit of this garden design is the use of manmade objects fearlessly all around the garden. The old iron gates that have been out of use can be put in a part of the garden and it will get covered in all kinds of mosses over a period of time adding to the beauty of the garden. Place an old chair in the flowerbeds, let nature do its magic and the plants will grow all over the chair making it look oh so beautifully and make it seem forever rooted. Adding the natural elements like the stone pebble paths just make the garden more beautiful and your visitors more praising towards you and your garden.

With all of this, if you try to sum this entire concept up, it is basically a way of impersonating natural environment in a well taken cared-of garden. The entire concept is a beautiful amalgam of natural and man-made elements and when implemented well creates magic. Start building your Wabi Sabi garden today and bring the natural magic to your garden!

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