The benefits of organic gardening

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The benefits of organic gardening

One of the most prosperous fields in the gardening for the last 30 years has come to be organic gardening. Although a relatively new development as a separate trend it lies within the millennial old practice of working the land with natural products only. The advantages of modern agriculture are enormous but so are the unseen costs and effects of developments with dubious side effects. It’s true that agriculture has increased enormously yields, size and diversity of a number of plant species, but more and more people are wondering at what price. Genetic engineering, artificial fertilizers and intense tilling gave modern society the means to feed millions but at the expense of compromising with the qualities, composition, value and ultimately the benefit of foods. It’s actually surprising how little the everyday buyer knows what’s in the menu.

Most people don’t even have the slightest ideas how many chemicals, fertilizers and machinery is put in the growing of the substances they ingest or how what should make them healthy actually impacts their health. It’s true modern agriculture cuts costs and increase yields but the price for lower price is the price of your health. The same substances that protect plants from pests and infection can be poisonous for humans or cause cancer in the long term. Artificial fertilizers and intense machining increase the yields but erode the soil at the same time. And is there even the need to mention genetic engineering? If you put a gene from bug into maze is the maze maze or may be something in between? What about genes from bacteria, worms and so on? Modern biology offers an enormous choice of possibilities to “upgrade” the resistance, yield and nutrient content of plants!

The benefits of organic gardening

The only problem – it makes the user wonder if those are plants anymore or some new form of life? But the portion of these crops increases to grow worldwide and it becomes more and more difficult for the plain consumer to find real, natural and edible product. How could anyone escape the situation?

The most obvious (and probably the safest) way is to grow his or her own vegetables. Organically! This means using only original sorts, natural fertilizer and no chemicals for plant protection. If you have a lean for gardening and the desire to be 100% sure in what you eat it may be logical choice for you. Controlling the seeds, fertilizers and the planting in your own garden can give you a quality of food unseen in modern life and impact your health. Garden maintenance could mean clean, nutrient rich and nontoxic food on your table at the expense of nerve-relieving and peaceful activity which is a good work-out itself. Thus it keeps both your nutrition and your muscles in shape. Good effect both ways!

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