The perfect patio, cleaning tips!

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The perfect patio, cleaning tips!

Beginner Landscaping Tips

Patios are the perfect addition to any garden; they enhance the appearance and are ideal for summer entertaining in your back yard.
For people who have pet dogs they are extremely useful as they provide a dry area for dogs to go outside and when they weather is wet, they last thing people want is to contend with muddy paws prints all around the home, some people even cordon off their patio areas so that dogs are kept of the grass on wet days.
Although patios have various uses they can get very dirty and grubby especially if they are susceptible to high traffic, are used often during summer months or if pets are doing their business all over them.
The good news is, patios are easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily.
Here are some top tips to keeping your patio looking fresh and new, it’s the ideal way to brighten up any dull patio and improve the look of your gardens.

Prepare the area you are going to clean:

• Remove clutter, toys and furniture prior to cleaning so that nothing gets in the way as you clean and also to prevent damaging anything during the process.
• Sweep the patio area using a hard bristle brush to remove stubborn dirt and mud and lose debris which may be lying around.

• Dig out any weeds that may be present between the slabs. If weed killer is needed, do this prior to cleaning, roughly two to three days before to allow the roots of the weeds to be destroyed fully.

• Offer the patio area a light hose using a hose pipe.

Let’s get to work. What do I need?
• A bucket
• Water either from the tap or rain water from (water but) if you prefer to be efficient.
• A strong detergent such as bleach or chorine
• Soda crystals (optional)
• Brown soap (optional)
How to clean:
• Fill the bucket of cold water and add a cup of bleach or chlorine to make your cleaning solution.
• Using a hard bristle sweeping brush dip into the solution and scrub as you sweep the patio, for stubborn areas you may need to use a little neat bleach during this process.
• Rinse the patio with cold water and sweep away the excess.
• Done! You can repeat the steps to get a better finish, if necessary.

Top tips:
-If you already clean the patio regularly you may be able to replace the bleach for brown soap, its works as well but only if used often, simply pour it on, scrub with the brush and rinse at the end.
-For stone patios try replacing the bleach or chlorine for soda crystals to get a better result.
-jet washing works well too, although it works great and you can obtain a fresh, bright and extremely clean patio, be aware of the pressure from a jet wash because they do have a tendency to move slabs, leaving a patio uneven.
-always wear gloves when handling bleach and other strong cleaning detergents to protect the skin.
-you can replace regular weed killer for white vinegar if you would prefer to keep the area safe for children and pets.
-It’s also advised that patios (which have recently been cleaned with detergents) should be left to dry out for at least a day to ensure that they are safe afterwards, not only are chemicals hazardous but also wet slabs (especially ones which are painted) can be extremely dangerous, people are at risk of slipping on them.

Bio: Article by Ella Andrews provided on behalf of: house cleaning London

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