The Poisonous Weed Problem – Steps to Tackle

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The Poisonous Weed Problem – Steps to Tackle

Weeds are of two kinds, the good ones and the bad ones. Let’s talk about the obnoxious and unsightly ones today and we’ll talk about the good ones some other time. So, when it comes to poisonous weeds in your healthy garden, an hour of prevention is way better than a year of plucking. These weeds would grow in the garden, whether we like it or not and they can inflict widen degree of discomfort and pain for us and our plants in the garden. They are one of the major threats to the natural environment. They impact the natural plants, animals and human as well. Some of the most harmful weeds which we should be aware of and stay away from are:

  1. Fox glove: Highly Toxic plants which causes heart blocks, irregular heart functions, severe pain and hallucinations, convulsions and may lead to death.
  2. Devil’s weed: Consumption of its seeds and leaves can be very deadly.
  3. Poison Oak: This plant is difficult to spot since it gets mixed with the surrounding. Touching the leaves of this plant can lead to severe allergic reaction and rashes.
  4. Poison Hemlock: It is one of the most poisonous plants and ingestion of any part of its flower can be very fatal.
  5. Hydrangea: These gorgeous looking plants are really harmful for the pets. Ingesting its flowers or leaves causes lethargy, vomiting and diarrhoea.

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There are several other harmful weeds as well which one should always maintain a distance from. Weed generation is a very simple process like any plant generation. The weed seeds sleep in the soil and wait for the sun to help them germinate. If we prevent the seeds from germinating, the garden would be weed free. Even after the germination, there are several ways of effectively removing the weeds from the garden like:

  • Pulling the weeds by hand.

The Hardest way, though the best, is to pull the weeds by hands. The entire plant should be pulled out from roots and show be thrown away so that there is no chance of re-growing. For Shallow rooted plants, it is easily to pull them by the stem and they come out with their roots leaving the soil completely. For the deep rooted plant, one has to be very careful while removing it. The soil needs to be dig deeper in order to get the completely plant uprooted from the soil and pulled out.

  • Using a chemical product to remove them.

Certain Pre-emergent herbicides prevent weed seeds from germinating by killing them but do not harm the existing plants and grasses. There are other products also which kills the grown weeds but they impact other plants as well hence the use of these chemicals should be done only when necessary. Chemicals like ortho’s Weed B-Gon, kill weeds including dandelions and clover.

  • Removing them with the help of a gardening tool.

Certainly the most effective and safe way of doing it, removing weed from your garden with the help of hoe or a winged weeder is the most effective way of doing it. A typical hoe can be used to remove the shallow rooted weeds whereas winged weeders are preferred for the deep rooted ones. The tools are available in any hardware store and are really useful.

After clearing the garden from unwanted plants, Mulching serves as a good option to keep the garden clean and healthy and a well kept garden always gives you the motivation.

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