The Rise of Small Gardening – Tips for Gardening in Small Space

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The Rise of Small Gardening – Tips for Gardening in Small Space

We all must have heard that phrase “Good things come in small packages” and may be believed in it too.  Well, it could not have been truer for a garden in small spaces! The notion that a garden requires a plot of land is outdated. These days, space is an additional payment but that doesn’t restrict the gardeners to make even their smallest of gardens attractive and beautiful.  With the rapidly growing number of people residing in apartments and homes with small yards, interest in growing their own garden in limited spaces is on rising. If you have limited space to grow as many people living in the urban area do, maximising the area for the gardening and wise plant selections should be the topmost priority.  Space should never be a constraint for your gardening or your imagination. Even if you are working with very limited space, you can grow anything from herbs to fruit – bearing trees. Window Boxes, hanging plants, containers and what not! Let your mind race around and discover ideas to implement.


1.Think Big and Start Small :

When you have a small space, it’s even more important to start off small. One or two plants, ideal for small spaces where you know they would get good light and air, would not be much of a mess and that you would be able to take care, see and enjoy should be your initial choice. Later, slow and steady growth in the number of plants and their specific arrangement would turn out to be a successful garden for you.  Do not try to be a magician in a day rather starts with the plants which are difficult to kill or some plants which are very easy to grow.


2.  Growing Fruits and vegetables in Containers :

If you come to think of it, any fruit or vegetable can be grown in a container, if the container is big enough. It is a great way of controlling the soil, sun and growing conditions of your edible plants as well as to squeeze the gardening into small spaces like your balcony or your patio or your front steps.


Growing Fruits and vegetables in Containers


3. Space-saving – Multi-Tiered Planters :

One of the best ways to save space is to have multi-tiered planters in your home. Two or three pots built on top of each other could be an example of perfect multi-tiered plant setting. Old tins in your home or wooden racks with small pots over it work really well for space saving as growing multiple plants in restricted space.

Space-saving – Multi-Tiered Planters


4. Use of unconventional Spaces :

Do not forget those unconventional spaces in your home which you never take into consideration while talking about gardening. Walls, for example, are a good-looking place to grow something beautiful to look at or something edible like berries or herbs. Consider those plants which believe in growing up than growing out. Scented plants on your main entrance gate are always an amazing idea to implement.  Window spaces also can be used to create your own unconventional window garden and they look amazing too!


Use of unconventional Spaces


 5. Hang in there :

Hanging your plants leaves a lot of extra space below and they make a beautiful thing to look at as well. Use colourful colanders or small vessels/pots to plant your favourite flowers or edibles and have a gorgeous looking hanging garden!!


Not everyone has a spacious backyard, but that doesn’t mean you cannot give your outdoor space its unique dazzle. Implement these ideas and have a wonderful time gardening!!

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