The Top 9 Money Saving Plants for Your Vegetable Garden

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The Top 9 Money Saving Plants for Your Vegetable Garden

When it comes to your vegetable garden there is absolutely no need for you to spend a fortune on the different plants. Instead, you can easily pick up a number of different vegetables that will not only cost you next to nothing to buy, but can also keep on producing vegetables that will last you for some time to come. In other words, they can really save you money and we will look at nine different plants that can really serve this particular purpose.






  • Vegetable 1: Lettuce



Lettuce is not only very easy to grow but it is the plant that just keeps on giving. You will find that it does not take up too much space and at the same time you will have something that is edible within a month of the initial planting. Lettuce has this ability to replenish itself as you pick it so do not go and rip it to pieces at the one time but rather just select the leaves that you want to use and it will help them to last a lot longer than you would often expect.


  • Vegetable 2: Spinach.



Spinach has to be one of the best vegetables out there purely because of the vitamins and minerals that are packed into it. There is no doubt that it is going to improve your health and the good news is that it is also very easy to grow.


  • Vegetable 3: Tomatoes.



Tomatoes come in a wide range of varieties and the plants themselves vary in height and the number of fruits that they can then product. Considering the plant itself is extremely inexpensive to purchase, the number of tomatoes that you can generally harvest means that you are paying next to nothing for the finished produce compared to what you would in a store. Also, the number of ways in which you can use tomatoes, even when they are green, does mean that if you have several plants that can grow a number of tomatoes throughout the fruiting season then you can even make your own salsa and store it over winter.


Some tomatoes are very heavy when it comes to the fruiting aspect and that is certainly one thing to look into before you go ahead and start planting. Also, you will be able to get more fruit from the plants if you remove any sideshoots as that allows the plant to focus on the main thing which is producing more and more tomatoes for you.


  • Vegetable 4: Squash & Zucchini.

Squash & Zucchini


Both squash and zucchini are great plants to grow in your vegetable garden and if you do it right then you will be richly rewarded by them. They do require space to grow so if you plan on growing several plants then never put them on top of one another or else you are going to be seriously restricting yourself. Focus on allowing the main stems to grow with the branches and if you feed them correctly then you are going to be amazed at how many vegetables you will be able to get just from a handful of plants.


The key here is to look at the varieties as some will be more productive than others. Look at the length of time it takes for them to mature as that can also vary depending on the type that you are thinking about growing.


  • Vegetable 5: Cucumbers.



When it comes to something that is very easy to grow, then cucumber plants have to be right up there and they are also very good at rewarding you at the end of all of your hard work. Cucumbers also need their space to grow as their branches and leaves need to be able to expand. Also, they do need a lot of water to really get those spectacular looking cucumbers and if you pick them as they are ready then the plant is going to keep on going for most of the season resulting in you being able to have cucumbers on a regular basis.


Cucumbers do not require anything fancy to help them grow although you should look at giving them some support as the weight of the cucumbers can end up causing a bit of a problem.


  • Vegetable 6: Peppers.



Peppers come in all shapes and sizes as well as strengths from mild to those that are going to burn your tongue off. However, the good news is that the plants themselves are cheap to purchase, require little in the way of work from you with the growing of them and they are still going to provide you with a number of peppers over the course of the growing season. If you are wondering as to just how effective they are when it comes to the cost, then think of it this way.


One single pepper plant, especially bell peppers, will be able to produce a full bag of peppers for the exact same cost as one or two single peppers in a store. Now, if you then multiply that up with several pepper plants then you start to get a better idea as to how they can really save you money especially if peppers form an integral part of so many different meals.


  • Vegetable 7: Green Beans.


Group of green beans isolated on white background. (Shutterstock Image)


Green beans is the type of vegetable that you can basically just plant and then sit back and watch it grow as they really do most of it all on their own. As long as you give them the correct support and feeding throughout their growth phase then you are going to be left with a healthy harvest of green beans for the kitchen table.


The main thing here is that they do need the soil to have some heat in it and they enjoy getting the sun on their back and if you plant them in this kind of position then they will be able to keep on providing you with beans time and time again. Also, the support does play a role as it means they do not start to grow basically hunched over one another with this then restricting the amount of light that can get to the plants and the beans which would then diminish the harvest.


  • Vegetable 8: Herbs.



Herbs are very versatile and they also do not take up a lot of space in your vegetable garden. You will also have a number of different options to choose from depending on your own personal preferences. Also, depending on the herb it will be able to grow year after year and they can also help other plants to grow as well so consider companion planting to make things easier.


For this, think about how much it costs you to buy some fresh herbs in a grocery store. Now look at how much it costs you for either small plants or even seeds to grow your own herbs and you will see that it really is no contest. Furthermore, fresh herbs are just not going to last anywhere near as long and if you understand how to look after them correctly then you can continue to harvest them throughout the year although this does depend on the herb in question.


  • Vegetable 9: Garlic.



Garlic is brilliant as it can be used in so many dishes and the fact that anybody can grow it even without any previous experience is just an added bonus. Garlic will not even take too long to grow and it also does not require too much space either so if you have restricted space then this can be a great plant to fill in.


As the growing period for garlic is so short it does mean that you can plant them in various stages so you can enjoy them for longer. Remember, with garlic it is pretty much a case of planting them and then pretty minimal effort then being required. Also, they are not really affected by much either as they are quite hardy plants and that saves you worrying about how to care for them effectively making life so much easier than it would be for other plants.


So there you have it, nine different plants that are going to be wonderful in your vegetable garden and we are not even talking about plants that cause you to be an expert in gardening. The main thing is that they are easy to grow and will quickly reward you with some pretty amazing vegetables which is going to mean that it really was worth your while.


It is important that you look at how quick the growth period is for the vegetables and also if they are able to effectively regenerate themselves as you pick them. You want plants that have a high yield with minimum space and effort. Avoid things such as sweet corn that take forever to grow and mature because who wants to wait forever to get the produce that you have been watching grow from your window?


This is a guest post written by Kylie from grohelps

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