Top 4 Brilliant Home Gardening Ideas

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Home Gardening

For many gardening is not just a hobby or a way to make their home look better, it is also a passion that  is relaxing and fulfilling. It doesn’t matter if you are new to gardening or a pro, but gardening has an effect on people that cannot be replaced by any other. Seeing something grow and blossom into something beautiful is a soulful nourishing experience. So here are some out of the way ideas for gardening at home.

Egg Shells for Sprouting

Instead of directly showing the seeds to sprout on the garden ground, it’s usually recommended to

sprout them indoors. Sprouting indoors provides the seeds with very optimal environment. They will be

safe from the extreme climatic conditions and safe from birds, worms and any other seed eating

animals. Egg shells provide a cozy tiny pot like structure which you can easily break and discard while

transplanting them in the ground. You can scatter the egg shells at the bottom for the plant’s nutrition.

Or scatter them around the plant to repel slugs. Other alternatives include using the egg cartons for

Use Cardboard Collar

When planting on the ground there is always a risk of cutworms and all other kinds of worms eating

away your plants. To prevent this use a cardboard collar or simply the cardboard tube of toilet paper.

Just push it into the soil with the plant in its center. This will create a barrier and will discourage a lot of

the worms.


indoor gardening tips

Diaper Drainage System

Got a lot of unused diapers lying around? Well, you can use them if you are going to grow some plants in

pots. Place the diaper at the bottom of the pot before covering it up with soil. Instead of having all the

water drained down the diapers will absorb it keeping the soil just moist but neither dry nor water

logged. Use this technique for potted plants in the windows.


Indoor Water Gardens

Have huge glass jars or dishes that you don’t know what to do with? Well, you can always plant a tiny

water garden in them. They are very easy to maintain, pest resistant since there is no dirt and are very

clean. You can choose from completely aquatic plants which grow submerged in the water, partially

aquatic plants that are only partially submerged, and floating ones that just need their roots in the

water. Bulbs, water lilies, marimo moss balls, hyacinths, and there are so many more aquatic plants to

choose from.

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