Top Gardening Blogs 2

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Top Gardening Blogs 2

This is our second post on top gardening blogs. If you haven’t read the first one, you can go here and read it and then come back to this post. Like in the previous post, here also we will list four blogs (in no particular order).

  1. Gardening Tips n Ideas: As the name suggests this blog is all about tips and ideas related to gardening. It is authored by a “passionate gardener”, Stuart, who, in his own words, is not an expert in gardening and has no credentials but makes up for the lack of credentials with his passion. The blogs looks organized and clean design wise and has a link to an Amazon hosted store where you can buy gardening equipment.
  2. The Growing Edge: This is more of a gardening news blog by Tom Alexander. The blog focuses on sustainable gardening and political issues affecting gardeners and gardening at a global level. The blog also has a magazine version and you can buy the current and back issues from the site. Interestingly, most of the blog posts seem to be YouTube videos with accompanying commentary from Tom.
  3. Gardening Gone Wild: Here is an excerpt from the “About” section of this blog – “Gardening Gone Wild, an international group of renowned gardening professionals, offers a global perspective on gardening. Our core is Saxon Holt, Debra Lee Baldwin, Tovah Martin, Noel Kingsbury, and me (Fran Sorin). Guest Contributors are from the heights of horticulture.”  To add to this impressive introduction the home page also boasts of a bunch of awards (top 10 blogs) won by the blog, and some books authored by the blog authors. So if expert opinion and advice is what you are looking for, head over to this blog!
  4. You Grow Girl: This blog was launched way back in 2000, by Gayla Trail and focuses on tips on growing plants in limited spaces. Gayla trail is an author of three books on gardening and occasionally hosts events related to gardening and garden writing. The site is more than just a blog and has a thriving discussion forum also where you can discuss about everything related to gardening.
We will be back with four more awesome blogs in our next post in the series.

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I am very fond of gardening and i love to do gardening around my home the tips you have described is really beneficial for me.

CindyMarch 10, 2017 at 8:20 amReply

Keep on writing and chgguing away!