Useful Tips for Corrective Pruning

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Useful Tips for Corrective Pruning


Proper pruning of the trees in your garden keeps them healthy, free from defects and help in growing new branches. Even though many gardeners are reluctant to prune their trees, proper pruning is a good habit. Corrective Pruning essentially means removal of living, dying and dead parts of the tree for the benefit of the tree, surrounding plants and people.

Pruning for shade trees is done differently than pruning for fruit trees. While fruit trees are pruned to make them produce a good crop of fruits every year, shade trees are pruned just to eliminate defects.

Tips on Pruning Trees

  1. Select the tree of right size to plant in your garden rather than trying to prune a tree heavily to alter its size or shape.
  2. Only prune what needs pruning and in the early life of the tree when it’s growth is maximum. This will ensure proper future growth of the tree.
  3.  Narrow or V shaped branch angles weaken a tree.  The crotch gets filled with debris and due to severe stress from heavy wind may even split into two. In such cases it is advisable to prune on the branches as soon as possible. Delay will only make the problem worse and pruning difficult.
  4. Water Sprouts, i.e. very upright off shoots of branches grow in the interior of trees and are prone to insects and diseases. They also interfere with the growth of other branches. These should be pruned off as quickly as possible.
  5. Crossing branches are another problem and rub with other branches, resulting in removal of the bark, thus exposing the tree to infections. These should also be removed.
  6. Cutting the toppings of the central truck of the tree makes the trunk grow.
  7. While pruning always ensure smooth cuts. The bark and the edge of the cut should be attached to the wood.

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