Using Garden Shears

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Using Garden Shears

Why use Garden Shears?

Basically, to keep shrubs and hedges in shape. Woody plants like roses bloom for most part of the year. But when the flowers begin to fade they need to be clipped off. Besides, thorns on the stems make the use of a tool like hedge shear even more imperative.

Garden shears are not just essential for clipping fading roses, they can be used for all sorts of hedges to keep them in shape. Trimming off uneven growth makes your plants look organized and adds beauty to your garden. Also regular pruning ensures regenerative growth for flowers.

Garden shears are particularly useful for gardening because of the neatness with which they cut. Besides it’s always safer. And if you want to design your plants and give them a particular shape, you just can’t do without shears.

How to Choose a Garden Shear?

One tool is not enough for all kind of pruning jobs in a garden. That’s why there are different kind of shears for different purposes.

A hedge shear is used to trim hedges. While choosing a hedge shear, make sure it is lightweight and has shock absorbers between the blades. Use bypass shears to do most of your pruning. They are scissor like shears. Anvil shears are more useful for cutting woody stems. Anvil shears are used for thinning shrubs. It pinches the wood between a blade and a base. Flower shears can be used to trimming flowers.

The Best Way to Use Shears

  • First, remove any dead wood or other debris from the plants you want to trim.
  • Then, carefully select the branches you want to cut, i.e. the branches that are sticking out or growing in the wrong direction or flowers that are dead.
  • While trimming use the handles to do all the work not the blades. If the handles are used properly and with the right pressure the blades will cut properly
  • As explained above use the right type of shear for different kinds of trimming.
  • Once the trimming is done, clean off the debris and wipe off the blades.

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