Vegetables in your Balcony

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Vegetables in your Balcony

The idea of growing your own fresh vegetables in your balcony is indeed an exciting one. Even though kitchen gardens aren’t common in cities because of paucity of space, there is no reason why you shouldn’t grow vegetables on your balcony or in your terrace. The rewards can be many; including a satisfying hobby, a self sustaining kitchen and the pleasure of waking up to the beautiful sight of green vegetables growing in your apartment.

But here are a few points you should remember.

  • Don’t bite more than you can chew. Kitchen gardening is lot of work and will take away quite a few hours from your weekly schedule. Start small, a few pots maybe, and grow more as per your capacity.
  • Give importance to the soil you use for growing your vegetables. Add nutrients to the soil regularly by adding compost. You can use nutrient rich organic soil for your containers.
  • Does your balcony have proper sunlight? 4-6 hours of proper sunlight is necessary for growing vegetables.
  • Is the climate in your city suitable for the vegetables you are planning to grow?
  • Do you have the necessary equipment for the job – containers of different sizes, regular water supply, saplings or seeds, tools like secateurs for pruning your plants, etc?
  • Have you decided clearly what kind of vegetables to grow and planned your space accordingly. Some go for regular vegetables like tomatoes, capsicum, chilies, coriander, mint, gourd, cabbage, lettuce, watermelon. Some even try more exotic varieties like bell peppers, zucchini, broccoli, strawberries, etc. Decide on vegetables based on your kitchen requirements, your knowledge of growing them and the resources at your disposal.

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