Vertical Gardening – Its Time for Your Garden to Grow up!

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Vertical Gardening – Its Time for Your Garden to Grow up!

When you live in an urban area, like all of us here, a bit of greenery is hard to be seen but the vertical gardens provide a great way to refresh the space and bring greenery around. The new age concept of vertical gardening is one of the hottest trends of the current times. Although it is an age -old idea, the reinvention of the idea is happening again in this age. This entire concept talks about gardening to bring life to your unattractive walls or define hidden spaces in your home. This is also a solution to gardening in constrained spaces or one can simply do it if they want to try something different. Vertical gardening is basically nothing but growing whatever you like in a vertical space and in return turns out to be one of the most forgiving and flexible gardening systems. There are several varieties of vertical gardens available to choose from like container style garden or a pocket garden and others. The best part about this concept is that these gardens can go anywhere – indoors or outdoors. It basically depends on the type of plant you want to grow and accordingly the vertical space with specific sun conditions is chosen. Let’s look at some of the ideas which you can implement to start your vertical gardening journey:


1. Leather and wood Trellis

Not only does these stylish trills wall garden look amazing in the gardening space, it also gives you an option to include as many different types of plants as you want in your wall garden. The simplicity of this design is beautiful and it can match any area of your indoor or outdoor setting hence always a win-win situation.


Leather and wood Trellis


 2. Stand alone wall

Stand alone wall

A stand – alone wall for gardening can be created with anything like affixing hex wire netting to a wooden frame. Once the wall is ready, numerous small pots can be hanged on to it to get your canvas ready for gardening. You can plant whatever you like and watch them grow beautifully.


 3.  Stacked crates

Creating a vertical planter pyramid is a brilliant idea for the vertical gardening. The structure should not be too risky by putting a lot of crates on each other, but a comfortable number can be used to plant a different kind of plants in one stop!

Stacked crates


4. Hanging garden

Hanging garden

The best things about these are that these can be positioned at different levels or hung in tiers to make an excellent use of the aerial space.

So, creating your vertical garden is completely upon how you use all the vertical space in your home. Doing the gardening on a wall simply can bring so many good things with it. The buildings inside temperature would always be maintained through your green wall since it would keep on providing the insulation. Anything can be grown on a vertical garden ranging from flowers to grasses to veggies. These gardens create a lot of invitation and bring attention to the corner where they are present as well as add a touch of vibrancy to the environment. You just have to open your side your creative mind and get started.

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