Want To Grow Your Own Food And Feed Yourself All Year Round? Read This!

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Whenever we want to eat something at home, we’ll usually cook or prepare a meal. To make those meals, we usually have to buy the ingredients from a local supermarket. These days, most of us rely on such retailers for our food. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could grow your own food instead?


We place a lot of dependence on third parties to supply us with the food we need at home. You might not think it, but it’s possible for anyone – even you – to grow your fruit and vegetables at home. You could even have some chickens to lay eggs for you.


Of course, if you’re a meat eater, you’d also need some livestock. But, that’s not always practical when you have limited space in your garden. Still, if you grow most of the food you eat, you’ll enjoy year-round organic fruit and vegetables. And you’ll save lots of money on your shopping bills!


So, how do you get started growing food all year round? Keep reading to find out more!


Allocate some space

The first thing you need to do is clear a space in your garden to grow the food you need. You might need to sacrifice some shrubs and flowers in the process. But, it’s all for a worthy cause!

If you’ve got a large garden, it could take you a lot of time to prepare the soil. Believe it or not, many people buy small tractors to cut down the time! Of course, you could hire some labourers to do the work for you. But, it’s more fun sitting on a tractor!

Be sure to add some compost to the holes in the ground where you wish to grow your fruit and vegetables. Doing so will help the things you grow to be rich in nutrients.


Decide what you wish to grow

Next, you will need to think about the fruit and vegetables you want to grow. I recommend selecting ones that grow the best in your climate. Otherwise, you will need to invest in artificial lights and greenhouses. And that can increase the costs quite a lot.

When growing fruit and vegetables, be sure to watch out for weeds and things like slugs and birds. They can all damage your crops and decrease your yield.


Don’t use pesticides

If you want truly organic food, stick with natural formulas to control pests. Don’t use chemicals on areas where you grow food. They can often cause health problems, especially on unwashed vegetables.

The web is full of information on how to make organic pesticides. They are safe to use on your plants and won’t harm your health.



Last, but not least, make sure you enjoy growing your own fruit and vegetables! Fun is part of the experience. If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, you won’t end up with good results.

If you’ve got family members living with you, encourage them to help you with your mission. Let’s face it; they will benefit from what you’re doing as well!

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