What You Need to Be Planting Now in Order to Harvest in the Fall

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What You Need to Be Planting Now in Order to Harvest in the Fall

With summer here, it can be a busy time in the garden. Plants and shrubs are growing so quickly; it can be a little hard to keep up. Weeds grow just as fast at this time of year too. So although it is nice to be outside in the garden and enjoying the weather, it can become a little bit of work too. At least it all looks pretty out there, right?


It might be the last thing on your mind, but now is the time to get some certain things planted in time for the fall. There are a lot of seasonal plants now in stock and ready for you to sew. So if you are looking for some new things to plant, now is the time! Here are some great things that you should think about planting.



Herbs are great to have all year round. Some grow much better than others at different times, though. Some of the ones that you should start thinking about growing now are basil, chives, cilantro, and dill. They are all perfect for autumnal dishes in the fall and are all durable and robust. You should also consider oregano and parsley. To start off with, it might be a good idea to grow them inside. So a window planter is a great idea. They will get plenty of sunshine, but you can control the hydration levels. It can often be out of sight, out of mind when things have gone into the garden, and we can often forget to give them adequate water. It is a good idea to use a popsicle stick or similar, to write down and mark what they all are. You don’t want to get confused as to what is what when you have to move it over to another planter for outside.



When you think of food that is in season in the fall, you think of hearty stews and rich vegetable bakes. So it can give you an idea of the type of thing that should be planted ready for fall. Root vegetables are great options, so things like carrots, turnips and beets. Other great things to get planting are cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. How tasty will they all be come fall time? Spinach, swiss chard and lettuce are all great ideas too. We do need some fresh greens when the weather turns cooler, don’t we? Mid to late summer is the best time for these to be planted. So not long to go. Plan out your plot accordingly, or get some large planters that will be suitable



We still like to see gorgeous flowers, whatever time of year it is. The best ones to be planting now, in time for fall are things like marigold, viola and salvia. They are all full of lovely autumn color and will be great for decorating the home when the time comes. Viola is even edible too so you can add that to your freshly grown vegetables too.



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