Wildflowers – An All Natural Pesticide for Your Garden

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Pesticides are harmful, not only to our money wallet but to the environment too. If we start with all the harm that they do to our crops, our health, and our environment, it’s going to be a long list. With so many cons to it, why not find out an all natural way of killing those harmful pests. Wildflowers are exactly that kind of thing. They aren’t just a pretty set of flowers planted just there for show but they are amazing in keeping the garden in good health. Growing them around the garden has become one of the common practices for gardeners in order to reduce the usage of pesticides in their gardens. This strategy is not completely new as originally, this was the “secret” that farmers have been using for years to protect their plants from pesticides the “healthy” way but the practice has become the talk of the town again this year.


To understand the process, let’s look at how does this work. Farmers plant these wildflowers alongside their crops and vegetation hoping to attract the right kind of insects. Wildflowers like poppies, red clovers, and daisies known as all natural pesticides attract the beneficial insects like wasps and ladybugs towards them. These “good” insects, in turn prey, on different types of harmful pests thereafter reducing the use of pesticides in the plants and leaving the blooming plants and veggies protected. The best part about growing them is that the kind of insects these flowers attract doesn’t feed on crops instead prey on the insects that do. They attract the right kind of bugs in the right areas, therefore, reducing the use of pesticides and plant damages by the pests. Addition to all of these benefits, wildflowers is also one of the most natural ways of improving the garden soil’s health and increasing the productivity. The only glitch that this method has is leaving the center of the farms or gardens unattended as the wildflowers are mostly planted at the corners and sides of the area, therefore, serving those specific areas only. To avoid this mishap, the wildflowers should be dispersed throughout the area so that the insects can attack the pests from all sides.


There is a long list of reasons of why the gardeners and farmers should not use chemical pesticides for all the damage they do to crop as well as our health rather always look for a natural way. Therefore, whether you are growing veggies, flowers, or crops in your garden, do take into consideration this natural way of removing pests and stay away from hazardous and toxic pesticides.

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